Pyramid Lake opened on October 1st with a bang. There have been some really big fish caught already and plenty of them. Boaters and anglers fishing from the water in Pontoons and Float Tubes have been doing the best. The surface water temperature is still between 66 and 68 degrees and it is keeping most of the fish in 20 plus feet of water. There are some fish being caught from shore and ladders but it has been far less productive. If you are fishing from shore target the beaches that have deeper drop offs and try to find some bait balls (Tui Chubs) as they can be close to shore in these areas.

Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches in size 4 and 8 have been the top fly for sure. These flies were designed to fish under an indicator but some anglers have been fishing them on a shooting head as well in deep water. Deep Water Wooly Buggers are also working well from Tubes in 20-30 feet of water. There is still some grass on many of the beaches and it has made it difficult to drag Wooly’s and Beetles on the bottom from shore. Two Beetles are worth a try if you are getting grass on your retrieves. Nymphing with a size 8 Midnight Cowboy Balanced Leech has been really effective from both shore and in tubes with a deep water indicator leader.

Warm weather is supposed to stick around for the next week and the conditions could remain the same for the next week or two. Colder weather and water is on its way however so keep an eye on the reports to see when more fish start to roam the shelves.

Jim Bowen 12.75