Pyramid continues to fish pretty good all things considered. It is a little tough from shore or a ladder due to the warmer than normal water temperatures for this time of year coming in at 65-68 degrees. There are some fish cruising in close enough to catch but they do not stay long and it is a long time between bites. There are still plenty of Tui Chub Minnows in the shallows and it tends to draw in some fish from time to time. The Midnight Cowboy size 8 Balanced Leech fished under an indicator has been our top fly while ladder fishing most of the season. The grass is starting to die off and it is getting easier to strip Buggers and Beetles along the bottom. The dying grass can still get stacked up on the bottom and be a problem.

This has been a tremendous October fishing from Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats. The Bait Balls of Tui Chubs are out in force along the West side of the lake and it is keeping fish active and feeding. Most of the action seems to be in 20-30 feet of water where the water is 4 or 5 degrees cooler. Deep water indicator rigs have not been too effective due to the fish seemingly wanting the fly to be moving fast. You are better off with a fast sinking shooting head with a sinking running line. This will allow you to get down to the level of the fish. Deep Water Wooly Buggers in Midnight Cowboy and Root Beer have been working well. We have also been fishing Pyramid Lake Balanced Minnows in size 4 using this set up. These flies have a ton of weight and a beefy hook. They ride perfectly in the water when the fly starts to ascend through the water column. The fly will jig up and down really well during pauses in your retrieve. We have had fish follow the fly right to the boat and grab it as it is coming out of the water.

The water is going to start to cool and this pattern is going to change over the coming weeks. We will start to see the bait ease back into the depths of the lake and the fish will start to cruise the shelves sometime soon as we see cooling weather.

Rob in a tube_edited