The lake is fishing pretty good for late October. Usually there is a lull in the fishing after the first couple weeks of the season until the water cools in mid November. Everything seems to be happening early this fall. The shore fishing is already picking up and should be good until we start to see the water really cool down sometime in mid December. This is a great time to get out to the lake and target the new Pilot Peak Strain of Cutthroat Trout. For those of you who only fish indicator rigs in the spring it is time to rethink your strategy. We have been getting clients into really nice fish under the indo already. Mid mornings to mid afternoons have been the best time to be on the water for sure. Nymphs and Midges to try include Maholo Nymphs in all colors, Albino Wino’s, Copper Wino’s and UPS midges for a bottom fly as well as size 8 Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches. For shooting head set-ups try Midnight Cowboy Wooly Worms, Martini Olive Wooly Worms and White Ghost Tadpoles. We have plenty of openings over the next month for anyone wanting a guide and to learn our secrets for this time of year.