The lake continues to fish really well. The surface water temperature is around 61 degrees which is down 6-8 degrees from last year. This has really spread the fish out and anglers are catching fish all over the lake. Boaters and shore anglers are doing well. The bait balls are also spread out all over the lake. If you find bait you usually find fish so it is not quite as easy as just going to a spot that fished well last week. The bait and the fish are constantly on the move.

Shore anglers are doing well fishing beaches with deeper drop-offs using a variety of techniques and flies. The key is to get to an area where the grass in not a problem or has died back already. In some cases it could simply mean moving 50 yards over on the same beach. Root Beer Wooly Buggers have been really good as well as Midnight Cowboy or Olive Martini colors. White Ghost Tadpoles are also working well and can help with the grass problem a bit. There are not as many fish being caught under the indicator because most of the fish are keying in on fast moving Tui Chubs. The really nice weather we had last week kept the chop off the water and also played a part in the tougher Indicator bite.

Anglers fishing from Tubes and Pontoon Boats are also doing well in 20-30 feet of water. Fast stripping Pyramid Lake Balanced Minnows in every color has been effective. Deep Water Wooly Buggers are also catching fish. The speed of the retrieve is very important right now. More fish are being caught on a very fast erratic retrieve. Make sure you have a really fast sinking line and start your flies out on the bottom. There are plenty of fish also following the flies all the way to the boat so do not get in a hurry to make another cast. Look for the fishing to stay like it is now for a few weeks at least until the water starts to cool off more.