Pyramid is fishing pretty much right on par for Late November – Early December. The fish are really spread out, tough to catch but there are some good days in the mix and plenty of big fish being caught. Two weeks ago the water was 57 degrees from the surface to down around 80 feet. This constant temperature this time of year is one of reasons why the fish are spread out. Recent storms have cooled the water to about 50 – 52 degrees. The normal pattern for this time of year is first light and last light on calm sunny days and throughout the day if there is any wind and or clouds and storms. Fish are eating flies fished under an indicator like Pyramid Lake Balanced Leeches and Maholo Nymphs but most anglers opt for shooting heads this time of year. Fish are still chasing fast moving lures and flies and a faster retrieve is still important. Fly selection is all over the map. It is more about getting your fly in front of some fish than the exact pattern. To narrow it down a bit try Olive Martini Wooly Worms and Tadpoles and Beetles in White or White and Chartreuse. Don’t over think it this time of year. Get your flies in the water and put in your time and the odds will go up. This is a great time of year to catch a big fish just not a great time to catch a lot of fish. Those days do exist but you can’t count on it. The next couple of weeks should continue to produce some real picture takers at the lake. Dress warm, layer up and keep your flies in the water.