Water temperatures have jumped into the high 50’s over the past week. The Pyramid Lake fisheries reading at Sutcliff on May 5th was 56 degrees. The water is still in great shape for May and there are still some really nice fish being caught. There was a 14 pound Pilot Peak fish caught at Warrior Point on May 3rd. There was an 11 Pound Pilot Peak fish caught around Popcorn on the same day and a 10 pound fish caught at Dago Bay as well. Although numbers are a little on the low side there are still some big fish cruising the shallows. The next couple of weeks should be pretty good at Pyramid. There have been a ton of Chronomids or Midges hatching as well as a few Callabaetis as well. Nymphing rigs continue to produce with red or black Maholo’s. This is also a great time of year to fish Olive colored flies right on the bottom to imitate Dragon Fly nymphs and sand beetles.