The full moon is behind us now and the water temperatures are still in the low 50’s. The month of May could really be a good at Pyramid. We have had some really good reports even through the full moon cycle. It looks like we are going to have some really warm days in the coming week and the water could warm up fast. It is perfect right now though and if you are thinking of going to Pyramid now is the time. Weather will start to play an even bigger part as the water gets warmer. Wind and chop on the water will become more and more important. Early mornings and late evenings when the sun is off the water will also be a factor. There are more and more midges hatching at the lake now and there are even some Callabaetis showing up. Fishing with nymphs and midges under an indicator or simply stripping them in without an indicator with a long leader and a floating line is hard to beat right now. Black Wooly Worms like the Midnight Cowboy and the bloody Mary have been really good fished with a shooting head as well. Fish the wind and move often. Fish really tend to school up this time of year.