The lake continues to fish well. Summit Lake strain Lahontan’s are starting to move in to some of the popular beaches looking for moving water for their annual spawn. The water temperature is starting to climb out of its winter lows and the fish can sense the beginning of spring conditions at the lake. If this year is anything like last the shift is on to a few more fish being caught and without a doubt more Summit Lake Strain fish over the next month. The beauty of having two strains of Lahontan’s in the lake now is that they are showing up at different times of the year. The Pilot Peak Strain is a great addition to making our fishing season better at Pyramid and last much longer. The Summit Lake strain is more likely to school up and run the shallows in the spring months when we see an increase in angler days in March and April and when it seems to become more difficult to catch some of the larger Pilot Peak Cutty’s. Another year of fishing for this new amazing fish will undoubtedly reveal more about what they are all about. The best times to fish still remain to be days with chop on the water. 10-20 fish days are happening already and you just have to be there on the right day with the right weather at the right time. Nymphing continues to produce the most fish. Red and Wine colored Maholo Nymphs fished either under an indicator or stripped slowly with a hover line is hard to beat along with the Albino Wino. For the shooting Head set-up Olive Martini’s and Bloody Mary Wooly Buggers are working well.