It is that time of year again at Pyramid Lake. In the middle of March each year thousands of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout make their way into shallow water around the lakes shoreline in search of moving water. It is spawning season. Not only do the trout start their migration but so do anglers from all over the country. The next 6 weeks at Pyramid will undoubtedly the best and busiest place to fish in the area. We have a few trout of over 20 pounds that have been caught and lots of fish in the 10-20 pound range already this season. The numbers of fish caught is starting to go up as well. There have been a few 20-30 fish days and plenty of 10-20 fish days. You still have to look out for the occasional blue bird sunny no wind day here and there that makes the fishing tough. Nymphing rigs and shooting head set-ups are both working well. It is best to have both rigs set up and be ready to switch at any time. Fish are spread out all over the lake and can be caught from Popcorn Beach on the South end of the lake to Monument Rock on the North end. For the Nymphing rig Red or Wine colored Maholo Nymphs, Copper Tops and Albino Wino’s are working well for sure. Midnight Cowboy’s, Olive Martini’s and Popcorn Beetles are tough to beat fished on the bottom. Mark Fore and Strike and Orvis both have these flies locally in Reno. There is a new section on the beaches page, that helps out with depth to fish your flies under an indicator on most of the beaches at the lake. Contact Rob Anderson 775.742.1754