I Spent the entire morning on the South end of the lake. It was a sunny blue bird day but the wind was blowing out of the North and making the chop on the water perfect. 12 fish to hand by 11:00 am and missed a few more. One female Pilot Peak fish that was around 7 pounds. The bite was on for sure. It seemed as though I got a grab every 10 minutes or so. Most fish were caught retrieving a Midnight Cowboy and a few came on the Loco Popcorn Beetle. Late in the morning I switched to the Indicator rig as the wind came up and started getting grabs right away. Good day to be at the lake for sure. The Albino Wino was the hot fly but then again it was the fly I had on the bottom the whole time. I can’t wait to go back out in two days. It seems as though I found a bunch of fish and I hope they stay put until I get back.

As far as the overall report. The water is still in the low 40’s. There are fish around and most of the beaches are reporting 2-5 fish days with some scattered better days in between. The water has come down about 18 inches from last year and just about all of the popular spots have great access to the drop-offs and ledges. It should be a much better year than last year. some of the beaches still have weeds and muck issues on the bottom for sure but there are also a bunch of really clean spots where you can drag your flies in with no issue. The water is not on at the Nets yet and the fish are spread out all over the lake.