The fishing at Pyramid has been just about as I expected it for Early March. We have has some really cold weather in the Reno area and that has kept the lake water temps. down in the low to mid 40’s. There have been some fish around for sure. It is very hard to predict however. The best days have been when there is some chop on the water or at least some cloud cover. Today the bite was slow until the wind picked up around 11:00 am and then it seemed to turn on for a while.

Warmer weather over the next week is going to really increase the water temperatures and it should bring more fish into the shallows. There have been some big fish caught over the past week. Jay Clark of Portola caught a 16 Pound Summit Cutthroat on Friday while fishing Midges and there were several more fish over 10 pounds caught as well. Maholo Midges and Nymphs in Red and Black have been working well. There are several Fly Shops like Keine’s in Sacramento and Mark Fore and Strike in Reno that have these flies in stock.