June and we are still catching fish at Pyramid. The Tui Chubs have shown up in the shallows around the lake and there are some really big fish chasing them. Warm or even hot weather is on the way and the great fishing we have had over the past month could end anytime. This is the time of year when we really start to use our floating devices and try to get out in a little deeper water. The water temps. are in the high 50’s and will be in the 60’s before long. This usually drives the bait and the fish into a little deeper water. There has been a tremendous Callabaetis hatch by mid-morning each day and there are also some fish really keying in on those as well. With so many other places to fish right now in the area, Pyramid has no pressure. Nymphing from a float tube or pontoon boat is a great way to go right now. Maholo Nymph’s and Midges fished with Umpqua’s Deep Water Indicator Leader is the way to go for indicator fishing in 10 plus feet of water at Pyramid or any other lake. Mark Fore and Strike in Reno and Fly Fishing Specialties in Sacramento has these leaders in stock among others currently. Stripping Minnow patterns on the bottom with a fast sinking shooting head has also been very effective of late. Some of the larger fish are really keying in on Minnows right now.