The fishing season ends at Pyramid on June 30th. The water is really getting warm and the fish have really moved out into deeper water for the summer. There are still a few fish being caught but mostly by float tubers who are fishing in deeper water. There are also a few fish being caught from shore in areas with access to deeper water as well. Try to get yourself in 15-30 feet of water and get your flies near or on the bottom. Really fast sinking Shooting Heads are a must if fishing Wooly Buggers, Beetles or Minnow Patterns. Let your line sink for at least 30-40 seconds before starting your retrieve. Nymphs and Midges are really working well for anglers who can get them into deep water. Umpqua Feather Merchants Deep Water Lake Leader is the way to go for fishing in water over 10 feet deep with an indicator. This system allows you to hang your flies under an indicator in up to 20 feet of water. Mark Fore and Strike and Scheels in Reno have these set ups as well as Fly Fishing Specialties in Sacramento. Maholo Nymphs and Midges are a couple of great flies to try as well. Note: Keep an eye on the weather and be careful when float tubing at Pyramid. The wind can come up quick and make float tubing un-safe.