The lake has been fishing really well for mid-Winter/January. The water temperatures are at their winter lows around 42-43 degrees. This usually means, low fish totals and the occasional cruiser with plenty of days when you wonder if there are any fish in the lake at all. Pyramid will always kick out big fish no matter the season with the Pilot Peak strain of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout taking over but expectations this time of year should be for a grab or two with the occasional 3-5 fish day and maybe a rally big fish in there somewhere. So currently things are looking pretty good. There have been some days when the Summit strain show up and create a little higher catch rate result.










The big fish are being caught all over the lake and it seems as though you just have to put in your time and be there when the fish find your fly. Weather and time of day are playing a part for sure right now. On calm sunny days, the fishing is best early and late with a slow middle of the day. Days on the lake with some wind and chop or cloud cover the fish can show up anytime. Deeper drop-off areas will always be best this time of year and rocky areas as well. Stripping Loco Tadpoles paired with Bloody Mary Wooly worms has been a great way to go and for the indicator game a Pyramid Lake Balanced Leech in Olive, White or Black with a Maholo Midge dropper is as good as anything right now.