Pyramid Lake Report 2/5/19:

The Lake has been fishing really well with the mild winter we are having. Lake surface temps are around 43-45*F. But look for it to slow down with the cold snap that is hitting this week and the possibility of the lake turning over when temps hits 41*F on the surface. Fish have been starting to get into early pre-spawn and are cruising mid-day with over cast skies and some chop on the water. On clear days look for the fish in deeper water. The Stripping bite has been really good in the low light hours, pre-dawn and after sun set, while Indicator has been the main productive way to go through out the day.

Midges have been our top producers: Copper Tops, PMS, GT’s have been the most consistent patterns that the fish want. Don’t be afraid to switch up frequently to find out what the fish want!

Balance Leeches and Minnows have been good in the first seeable light (to which you can see the indicator) to about an hour after sunrise. Best Balance Leech has been the Black and Blue or the Olive.

Stripping early morning or after sun set, the midnight cowboy and black beetles or tadpoles have been the way to go. In the shallower waters don’t be afraid to use a floating line or clear intermediate, just a bugger or deep-water bugger to get it down but keeping off the bottom.