2017 Pyramid Lake One Day Clinic with optional 2nd day guided fishing

This clinic is a re-scheduled event. Our regular clinic in February that is in association with our Pyramid Lake Celebration in February was canceled due to lake closure during the floods. The clinic will be a one day event covering everything you need to know to become a better Pyramid Lake angler from rigging, tying knots, fly selection, techniques, where and when to fish and much more. This outing will be a shore based event including wade fishing and ladders. Hot lunch is provided as well. We look forward to sharing our knowledge of the lake with our participants.

Day two is an optional 2nd day of fishing with our guides at the lake. We realize anglers come from out of town and may want to spend the entire weekend on the water and we do as well. On day two we will continue to work with our guests and give them a 2nd day on the water to practice their skills and catch more fish. We always encourage our clients to spend two days or more with us on the water at Pyramid to give us a better opportunity to put them in the right places in the right conditions. Come join us at our signature local water and have some fun.

April 22nd is the first day and is $125 per angler.

April 23rd is the optional 2nd day and is $100 an angler.

Lunch included both days. Tribal permits and gratuities not included.

Contact Rob Anderson  775.742.1754  ro*@bu******************.com