The fishing continues to hang on at Pyramid. The water temperatures are around 56 degrees in the shallows and there are still plenty of fish cruising the shelves. Some larger Pilot Peak strain Cutthroats are starting to show up again and there have been some really big ones caught in the last week. This is the same pattern we saw last May. As the Summit Lake strain fish lose their urge to spawn and start heading for deeper water, the Pilot Peak strain seem to take their place in the shallows. Beaches with deeper drop-offs should start to produce more and more in the coming weeks and shallow areas will start to slow down. Weather is the number one factor on a good day at the lake for sure. It is becoming more and more important to fish on days when there is some wind. Nicer blue bird no wind days continue to get tougher and tougher. There is still some time to get out and catch some fish at Pyramid and this is a great time to get a really big one. Red and Wine Maholo nymphs are really starting to produce again for floating lines. There is some growth starting to happen on the bottom and foam Beetles and Tadpoles are a good choice for shooting heads.