Fishing Report November 30, 2023

The lake has been fishing really well. This time of year is usually predictable and this season holds true. The days and nights are cold, the air is dry, and we are experiencing normal weather for November and early December. The days are really short right now. It gets light around 7:00 am and dark by 5:00 pm.  The best time to fish this time of year is in the afternoons up until dark. There is really no reason to get on the water before light. It is cold and the water is as cold as it will be all day and the fish just done respond well in the early mornings. The last 45 minutes is key right now to having success. Fish are spread out all over the lake. Good reports are coming from North and South, deep beaches and shallow ones. You just have to know how to fish the wind or lack thereof, what type of water to fish based on the weather that day and the wind direction and speed.

Stripping Wooly worms and Tadpoles and Beetles have been working well. Long casts and letting your flies sink to the bottom will catch more fish. Fish two flies in tandem about 3 feet apart for best results. Our streamer leaders make setting this up a breeze. Streamer Leader – Two Pack | Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

Stripping flies to have are – Midnight Cowboy, Bloody Mary, Martini Olive, Loco Tadpole White Ghost, Loco Tadpole Chartreuse and White, Loco Tadpole Northern Lights, Loco Beetle Chartreuse and White.

Flies | Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

Indicator fishing is also worth some time. Especially on the beaches with sharp drop offs and fish the flies deep right up against the drop off. Most of the Beaches to the south offer this type of situation.   Try our indicator leaders for a two fly set up and different sized indicators included.  Indicator Lake Leader | Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

Indicator flies to have are – Midges – Copper Top, Red Wine, G.T. Albino Wino, Zebra and PMS

If you are unfamiliar with the best flies to use, our online store can help. We sell a selection of flies in either 1 dozen or 2 dozen and they come with a small waterproof fly box. You buy the flies, and we pick them out for you. 1 dozen is $35 including the box and 2 dozen is $65 including the box. It is our best selling product and great for a holiday gift.

Guide Pack | Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing


The best advice we can give is to not wear yourself out early in the day and make sure you are ready for the last couple of hours. You can go all day without a grab and catch all your fish in the last 45 minutes. Too often anglers get cold and tired before the best part of the day happens.

This pattern should hold true for a while but also keep your eye on the winter storms as well.