Pyramid is in great shape and fishing really well. This is the time of year most anglers look forward to. There are lots of Summit Lake strain fish in shallow water looking to spawn. It has been pretty hard to catch the Pilot Peak strain around the hatchery right now and the bigger fish are being caught in other places around the lake. The weather like always plays a huge role day to day at the lake. Cloudy windy days are the best for sure. High pressure sunny no wind days are pretty tough. The lake is as crowded as it has been in years. This is going to be the case for the next month for sure. If you don’t like to fish on crowded beaches then try the extreme North or South end of the lake at spots like Howard’s Bay, Nine Mile or Warrior Point. There are plenty of fish cruising the drop offs and you will see experienced anglers backing up their ladders and staying further away from the fish. This really helps on calmer days when fish tend to get spooky and lock jaw. Fish are being caught several different ways but over the past week stripping Wooly buggers and Tadpoles have been doing the best. Nymphing has been a little slow but as the water warms we should start to see more bugs and nymphs and midges will be the way to go. White Ghost Tadpoles, Olive martini’s, Bloody Mary’s are all good choices for stripping flies and Maholo Midges like the Albino Wino or Copper Wino are doing well under an indicator.