With the Full Moon behind us now the fishing has already started picking up. The water temperatures are slowing climbing into the upper 40’s in the last couple of days. There are way more fish in shallow water now and good reports have come from all over the lake. Schools of fish have been seen cruising the shelf at places like Windless Bay, Pelican and the Nets. The water at the hatchery is scheduled to be turned on any day now. Most of the females being caught still look a little “green” or not quite ready to spawn yet. As the water warms up into the 50’s over the next couple of weeks they should be ready.

Weather is still going to play a part in the day to day action at the lake. It is important to fish the mornings and evenings on those sunny Blue-bird days. For shooting head set-ups, Olive Martini’s and Midnight Cowboys have been working well on the back and Lime Green Tadpoles have been hard to beat as a dropper. It is a great idea to fish a bright fly on the front of your rig so you can see the fly as it gets close to you on your retrieve. Don’t get in a hurry to re-cast. Fish have been following all the way to the ladder. For nymphs and midges, Red Maholo Nymphs are still hard to beat as either a top or bottom fly. The males are really keying in on red this season. Maholo Midges are a good way to go for the bottom fly. Good Maholo Midges to try are Copper Tops, J.W.’s and for Maholo Stretch Midges try the P.M.S. or the Albino Wino.