April is here and we are in the middle of the peak season at Pyramid Lake. Unsettled weather over the past few days has really helped the fishing. There have been a few days with some good onshore winds and some overcast that have resulted in some really good days. The fish are really spread out and there is not just one spot to find them. Fish the wind and try to pick a spot with the wind in your face. You can both move a lot to find fish or stay in one place and wait it out. The fish are really getting in good spawning shape and they are ready to do their thing. The water is still really cold for the first of April at around 44 degrees. It is supposed to get warm starting next week and the water temperatures should start to climb. Shooting head set ups are working well in the early mornings with Olive Martini’s, Midnight Cowboys and Pink and White Wollyworms. Nymphing either under an indicator or with a Hover line has also been picking up a lot of fish. Red Maholo Nymphs and Albino Wino Midges are hard to beat. Go to the beaches page at pyramidlakeflyfishing.com to get an idea of how deep to fish your flies under the indicator if you have not been out in a while or are unfamiliar with the lake. Mark Fore and Strike in Reno has a good stock of Pyramid Flies.