Bug Bands add great contrast to flies. It is a great way to enhance your midges and add another color or shade into the fly. It allows for real life colors to be added to Midges like segmentation in the Thorax and air Bubbles that occur in many emerging bugs. They also add some weight to the fly to help it get in the zone quicker.

Bug Bands are also a great addition to Balanced Leeches for some of the same reasons. You can add gill color, contrast and weight all at the same time. Adding a Bug Band also helps make a Balanced Leech ride perfectly horizontal without having to tie in the pin so far forward. This will help the fly to ride correctly and also help with the life of the fly.

We now have Bug Bands in 18 colors in 4 sizes to fit nymphs and midges down to size 16 and Balanced Leeches in all sizes. go here to see more about Bug Bands. http://pyramidlakeflyfishing.com/shop/bug-bands/

“Banded Midges”

Banded Midge Black

Banded Midge – Zebra

Banded Midge Olive

Banded Midge – Olive

Banded Midge Red Wine

Banded Midge – Red Wine


Bug Bands – Assorted Colors






“Banded Balanced Leeches”







We have Banded Balanced Leeches and Banded Midges available on our online store