Holy cow there have been some toads caught this year already.

If you have some time to get to the lake now is the time to go. November 2012 has been maybe the best big fish month we have ever seen. There have been numerous fish caught in the 15-20 pound range and even a couple around 24 pounds.

Most of the big fish seem to be on the West side of the lake which is great for fly fisherman. They are chasing schools of Tui Chubs and small Pilot Peak Cutty’s. The numbers are pretty good but the chance of getting into one of these 2012 monsters is driving the train right now. If you can fish in areas that have better drop offs or access to deeper water you are in the game. Minnow Patterns are a great choice. The best reports are coming from 15-20 feet of water.

More to come later this week.