The absolute most guiding experience
Transportation to and from hotels
13 former or Current World Records
the best techniques for Big Fish
Coffee On Early Morning Trips
The largest Network of fishermen
Discounts on numerous hotels in Reno
Barbeque lunch included on full days
The Best equipment and flies
Groups of any size

Our clients catch a lot of fish for sure but we also excel at chasing the largest Cutthroat Trout in the world including the current Junior Female record and numerous tippet class fish. If chasing records is your game we have all the equipment to help you legally put your name in the record books.

Guided fly fishing trips are commonly no more than 1 or 2 anglers. We do a fair share of these types of trips and it allows us to provide some extra services like transportation and more attention to the beginner angler. What really separates our guides from the rest is our ability to handle larger groups. Not only do we have the best and most equipment but we also know how to prepare for a day on the lake for all types of get togethers. We have been hosting fly club outings for over 10 years including seventeen 10 plus angler outings in 2016 alone. Pyramid Lake is maybe the best fly fishing location anywhere for groups to fish together and we understand how to throw a fly fishing party at the lake.

  1. Early morning coffee
  2. The best shoreline barbeque lunches you have ever had
  3. The best equipment including platform ladders and even some with chairs.
Fishing at Pyramid Lake can be done in a variety of ways in all kinds of weather. The most common way to fly fishing Pyramid is wading out in cold water and standing (or sitting) on something to raise you up out of the water in order to be more comfortable and to make casting easier in what could be windy conditions. We provide the absolute best in Fiberglass platform ladders as well as brand new platforms with chairs attached for the ultimate in comfort. We also have a huge supply of waders in all sizes and we use only the best fly rods and reels including Sage and Winston.

Having the right flies at Pyramid can be more important than you think. Our guides have designed the best-selling commercial flies for the lake that date back to the old Reno Fly Shop days including Maholo Nymphs and Midges, Pyramid Lake Balanced leaches and Deep water Woolybuggers. We also have a few flies we keep under the floor mat for only our clients. Having access to our fly boxes is maybe the biggest advantage our clients have day in and day out.

2002 was the year that the Pyramid Lake Piute Tribe granted the first Fly Fishing specific guide license. Rob Anderson was the first to take anglers fishing at the lake and Chris Evison was next. Our guides have so much experience with anglers at the lake over the past 13 years that it is easy for us to recognize changing conditions, anglers strengths and weaknesses, what flies to use, where to fish and when to make adjustments to keep our anglers in the game when that fish of a lifetime eats your fly. Our guides did more guided fly fishing trips in 2014/15 and 2015/16 than any other guide service has done ever!

Every year our guides put our clients on hundreds of fish of 10 plus pounds. It is sort of unbelievable how many big fish we catch. Our largest fish last year was 22 pounds with numerous other monster fish in the same size range. Our best day last year was 10 fish over 10 pounds by one angler including 2 18 plus pounders. Not only do we catch a lot of huge fish but we rarely loose a fish once we hook them. Experience once again plays a large role in landing the world’s largest Cutthroats, especially when some of them are caught on size 12-14 flies.

We have made many alliances with hotels and restaurants in Reno over the past 15 years. Our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of our relationships by receiving discounts on numerous hotels and restaurants in the Reno area including upgraded hotel rooms and suits and door to door service.

Our guided trips offer transportation for smaller groups from most of the major hotels. There is also airport shuttle service to and from the hotels so anglers can come to Reno, fish Pyramid without having to rent a car. Most of the hotels have many restaurant choices and the ability to get food 24 hours a day.

Spending an entire day at Pyramid Lake can be draining. It is so important to keep your energy up when the fish are active and that can be anytime of the day. We provide hot lunches for our clients on all of our full day trips. Homemade soup, Chili, Burgers and Grilled Panini sandwiches are all part of our daily lunches. Hot coffee and even breakfast can also be arranged for early morning starts for group trips and club outings.

We have a very large network of local guides and friends that spend lots of time at the lake. We are constantly in communication with other fishermen at the lake and due to our popularity at the lake, commonly get the “inside scoop” when something is happening. Pyramid Lake is 22 miles long and 10 miles wide and there are lots of places to fish. Using our allies as well as our vast knowledge of the lake and the weather conditions seems to always help us zig when we should have zigged and zag when we should zag and not the other way around.

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