We are excited to have the opportunity to take you fishing at Pyramid Lake. Hopefully the information given here will help you plan your trip and make preparations go smoothly. Take some time to read over the information and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!


If you need a place to stay while you are in town we have special deals for our anglers at multiple hotels in Reno and Sparks. There are so many benefits to staying at one of the area Resorts including: 24 hour restaurants and coffee for early starts or late days on the water and good hot showers and comfortable beds after a long day of fishing in all kinds of weather. You will be hard pressed to find a better rate anywhere else. If you are coming in with a group there is a good chance that one of the hotels has been picked for your group already. click on the link below to book a room using our corporate rates or to see more information. pyramidlakeflyfishing.com/travel-information/accomodations

Fishing License (Permit) –

Pyramid Lake is entirely within the boundaries of the Pyramid lake Puite Indian Tribe. There is no need for a Nevada fishing license only a Tribal permit which can be obtained several ways. Click on the link below to do it online and to view several local locations also listed where a paper copy can be purchased. pyramidlakeflyfishing.com/permits

Permits and Gratuities to the Guides are not included in the price of your trip

Weather and Clothing

The fishing conditions at Pyramid can be very hard to predict, especially in advance of your trip. Plan on bring plenty of layers including a thick pair of Socks, a couple thermal layers a beanie and a wind and waterproof jacket. Sunglasses are also a must. Gloves can help in cold weather but often get wet and are hard to cast in. Jeans under your waders are a bad idea. They have no insulation value and if they get wet somehow can be very uncomfortable and cold under your waders. Chest high waders are a must at Pyramid and we suggest you bring your own if possible. Please do not bring boots with studs on them as they scratch the paint and put dents in our ladders. Staying warm and dry is really important to spending the entire day at Pyramid especially when the weather is bad which also can be the best time to fish.

Fishing Gear – (Ladders are always included)

Having the right gear is important to any fishing trip. At Pyramid this is no exception. The fish are big and the casting can be tough, so having the right rod and line is really important to success at the lake. We provide any gear you may not have or do not want to bring if we know in advance at no additional charge. For larger groups we recommend bringing your own gear when possible. For group or club outings some flies are always included but we recommend you have some of your own. You can do this on our online store. In the notes section on your order you can tell us when you are coming and we will bring anything you have ordered to you on the day of your trip. If you are unsure of what to get we have made it easy, simply purchase one of our guide packs which includes a dozen flies that are working best at the time of your trip. Rods – 9 ft. 8 wt. for shooting head  –  9ft. to 11.5ft 7-8 wt. for floating line  11-11.5ft 6-7 weight switch rod for floating line Reels – Sized to match rods and hold at least a100 yards of backing. A good drag is helpful Fly Lines – A floating Line and a fast sinking shooting head – (See details below) Tippet – 8 lb. – 15 lb. fluorocarbon (no tapered leader is needed) Stripping Basket – Helpful for shooting head set-ups Strong Pliers for pinching barbs (Pyramid is a barbless fishery) Foam style indicators


The flies we use at Pyramid Lake are fairly simple patterns but having the right one(s) can be crucial at times. Anglers generally fish two different methods at Pyramid Lake and it requires two types of flies. Those that can be stripped along the bottom with a shooting head such as Wooly Buggers and Leech patterns and those that can be fished under an indicator like Bead Head Nymphs, Midges and Balanced Leeches. From time to time we explore other methods at Pyramid but these two are the best for sure. Guide packs of flies can be purchased in advance of any trip or outing for $35 by visiting our online store. The pack comes with a dozen flies selected by our guides specifically for your trip dates and using up to the day info on fishing conditions. Some of these flies are sold on our online store and some are special patterns that we keep just for our clients. We put the flies in a small waterproof fly box and give them to you the first day of your trip. Flies are always included in Guided Trips. However, we suggest you have some of your own flies on our outings. Shooting Head Flies Wooly Buggers are generally tied in size 4 and 6 in all types of colors. Black, Olive and White are the top three. Beetles and Tadpoles are also shooting head flies that are very effective. White, White and Chartreuse, Beetle Green and black are the top four.
Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy


Olive Martini


White and Chartreuse Beetle

Black and Tan Tadpole

Black and Tan Tadpole

          Flies to fish under an indicator Bead Head Nymphs in size 10-12 are commonly used and the Maholo Nymph is the most effective and a must for any Pyramid fly box. Oversized Chironomids or Midges in size 8-14 are great flies and really important to spring time fishing at the lake. Maholo Midges and Banded Midges are the most popular and effective. Balanced Leeches and Minnows are great flies as well especially in the fall and winter months.
IMG_5067 (2)_edited

Red Maholo Nymph #12

Albino Wino Maholo Midge #12

Albino Wino Maholo Midge #12

Copper Top Banded Midge #10

Copper Top Banded Midge #10

Root Beer Balanced Leech #8

Root Beer Balanced Leech #8

            Anglers come to Pyramid every year with their own patterns and ideas of what flies to use. Bring them along when you come but make sure you have the Local go to flies on hand as you will find that we have also used all of these other flies and day in and day out you can not out fish the tried and true. All of these flies are sold on our online store and most of them are also sold in fly shops across California and Nevada. We offer the best prices and free shipping on all our flies.

Fly Lines

Floating – Any floating line will work at Pyramid. The best ones allow you to cast more easlily in the wind and to manage your line on the water and to make good precise mends all the way to your indicator or leader 30-50 feet out. The ones recommended here are great all around floating lines

Scientific Anglers Mastery Anadro series

http://www.scientificanglers.com/product/mastery-anadro/ Designed with line control in mind, its extended rear taper allows you to cast a mile, mend with authority, and turn over nearly any rig imaginable—from dredging double nymphs to larger dry-dropper concoctions. Steelhead, salmon, and trout won’t know what hit them.
  • Long rear taper for extended line control and long-distance casting
  • Ideal for roll casting and long-distance mending
  • Overweighted to assist in turning over heavy rigs
  • Use one size heavy for switch rods
  • For use in moderate and cold climates
  • Braided multifilament core

Rio InTouch Salmon and Steelhead

RIO’s InTouch Salmon/Steelhead line has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern steelhead and salmon fly fisher. The long head and rear taper allow anglers to mend and control the fly at great distance when fishing the swing. A powerful bullet front taper ensures the line easily handles large steelhead and salmon flies, while the rear weight distribution makes this a great line for single handed roll and Spey casting. The line is built with a supple Coldwater coating that ensures the line remains tangle-free. Built with ultra-low stretch Connect-Core Technology for the maximum in sensitivity, control and performance.
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum sensitivity and performance
  • Bullet front taper to cast typical steelhead and salmon flies
  • Long head for great fly control & mending ability
  • XS Technology for a super slick coating
  • Welded loops for fast rigging

We hope you have a fantastic time fishing with us at Pyramid Lake and if there is anything we can do to make your trip better please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. From the staff at Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend the day on the water with you!