All of our Balanced Minnows are tied with Bug Bands. Bug Bands give the fly great contrast and add some weight to make the flies ride even more “Balanced” If you are using one of our Balanced Minnows under an indicator it will require a larger size indicator to hold it up.

We have been using Balanced Minnows at Pyramid and other local stillwaters for years. This is an awesome fly to use with an indicator system in stillwaters everywhere. Our Pyramid Lake Balanced Minnow versions have caught many big fish at Pyramid both under and without. This is a great pattern for the fall and winter when trout are really feeding on Tui Chubs aggressively. Tied on a size 4 Umpqua Jig Hook.

This fly can also be used with a floating line and no indicator fished “Jig” style or retrieved along the bottom. It will sink fast.