Float Tube Outings

Two-day Float Tube Outings

Our outings are a great way to spend a couple days on the water with our guides and have a chance to experience our favorite times of year to be at the lake. Ever since the introduction of the Pilot Peak strain of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout we have been targeting these enormous fish. Early in the fall and again late in spring these fish stage in areas that allow us to fish for them from float tubes and pontoon boats. 

You will meet us at the lake the afternoon or evening before the first day of fishing. We set this time aside to go over everything you need to know before the fishing starts. We will do everything from rigging up rods, setting up our floating devices. We always have a camp set up at the lake so you can leave gear at the lake each night. We will have some type of comfort food available. If you cannot make the Pre-Trip gathering one of our guides will help you as much as possible the first morning to get rigged up and on the water. 

We will spend two days on the water fishing and learning. Our guides will accompany you on the water helping to fine tune the techniques we have developed to catch these fish. We will be there to help you land and take pictures of your fish of a lifetime catch. 

A complete Pre-Trip Planner will be sent to you once you are signed up for the outing. Included in the planner are the things you will need to bring. Some of the items are pretty mandatory including a fly rod with a fast-sinking shooting head with a sinking running line and something to float in like a float tube, kayak, or pontoon boat. 

Gear – Equipment is not included in our float tube outings unless prior arrangements have been made. We do offer limited Pontoon Boat rentals which also need to be arranged ahead of the outing.

Accommodations – Deals at local hotels will be available and in our Pre-Trip Planner. Camping at the lake is a blast this time of your and we encourage you to join us at the lake. You can dry camp at the beach we are fishing or there is an R.V. park at the lake with full hookups. Camping permits are required and need to be purchased in advance. 

Permits – You will need a fishing permit to fish on the reservation. You will also need a camping permit if you intend to camp. Links to both of these will be in our pre-trip planner. 

Food – During the outing we will serve dinner at our Pre-Trip gathering and also hot lunches both days. Kicking back and having a meal served for you while hanging out on the shores of the lake is a big reason why we have such a high rate of return from our outings customers.

Cost of the Outing is $345 – Not included in the price are Tribal Permits, gear and gratuities to the staff and guides 

For Private outings extra days can be arranged