Beginner Clinics

Our beginner clinics are very comprehensive and informative all while allowing plenty of time to fish. These one-day outings are geared to help new fly fisherman to Pyramid Lake learn tactics and techniques that can be used for a lifetime of fishing. The things our guests will learn will help them become not only better Pyramid Lake anglers but also better fly anglers in general. 

These one-day events will be done at the lake and will include ladders for our guests to use. We will also have some demo equipment to try out. We will spend the day learning how to properly rig up to fish including rod, reel, and line choices, how to tie leaders and what flies to use at the lake. On the water we will discuss the techniques our guides use on a daily basis at the lake. We will go over and help with casting, mending, and retrieving. There will be an in-depth discussion on where to fish and what times of year to target monster Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. 

These outings/clinics will be full days on the water and a barbeque lunch will also be served lakeside. Our guests leave our outings feeling more confident in their abilities as Pyramid Lake Anglers and will enjoy the new knowledge they have learned for a lifetime.